Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Refelection On Dhamma


When i think of my learning the Dhamma thus far, I must say it has not been an unsmooth one. First I attended an excellent retreat and met good teachers, then I found a Buddhist society centre where I could give to and learn from, then like-minded friends in the Dhamma surrounded me and gave me guidance and companionship. Many people say that I am lucky to have come in touch with the Dhamma at a young age, and I couldn’t agree more (though this is of course more than a case of pure luck). I am grateful to have the chance to know the Dhamma, and even such words seem to be an understatement. Without knowing the Dhamma I wouldn’t have known how to live my life. My parents gave me life; the Triple Gems taught me how to live it. Before such spirited words lead the reader to think that I am some goodie-two-shoes, I must admit that I’m still far from purification. But I’m at it. Slowly but surely, may I taste the kind of happiness independent of external conditions, and may all beings, and those whom I am indebted to, attain such happiness too.