Thursday, 13 March 2014

6.4.14: 一日修(善戒法师指导)1-day Retreat led by Sayalay Susila

5 Apr (Sat): Dhamma Talk

11.30am     Lunch Dana to Sayalay
                         open to public – vegetari
an dish

1.30pm      心的神奇力量
                      Dhamma Talk 佛法开示

6 Apr (Sun): Day Retreat   * Registration Needed.
8.00am – 6.00pm
(11.15am Lunch Dana to Sayalay – open to public – vegetarian dishes)

报名/询问 registration & enquiries

网上报名表 Online registration form:

(简讯/致电SMS, or call: 7 - 10pm)  Sis. Yu Sie 友丝 97749450


**供僧: 请备素食。开放给公众。
** 主办单位将提供素食午餐给参修者。
** 若想支持禅修与会所经费,可在当日捐助。

** Dana to Sayalay : Vegetarian only                  
** Vegetarian lunch provided for yogis.
** Donation is welcomed to support the retreat and NDR; you may do so on actual day.

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