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20-25 Sep: 禅修营 (善戒法师指导) Meditation Retreat by Sayalay Susila


主办单位 Organizer:   护法苑Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha

导师 Teacher:  善戒法师 Sayalay Susila 

地 点 Venue:   新加坡Changi Chalet, Singapore

日期 Date:       20 - 25/09/2013
                         报到Check in:     20/9 at 7pm
                         离营Check out:   25/9 at 10.30am

课程內容 Retreat Topic
安般念及心念處  (中文开示)
Mindfulness of breathing and Contemplation of mind (conducted in Mandarin)

• Bro Jerry:   9736 1248
• Sis Yu Sie: 9774 9450
(请在晚上 7 点 至 10 点 之间致电 / Please call within 7pm - 10pm)

报名详情 Registration Details:

截止日期  Deadline:    31/07/2013
名额 Quota:                 39

报名表格 Registration:  
报名表格 Online Application Form

您也可以将表格填妥, 电邮至:
Or you may email completed form to:

或邮寄至 Or mail to:
     Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
     24 Lor 29 Geylang #04-00
     Leow Sih Association Building  
     Singapore 388073

注明主题 Please state the subject title  as:  “Sayalay Retreat 2013”


参加资格 Requirements

a) 任何有兴趣,身心健康并意愿禅修者皆可参与。Any interested individuals, who are healthy in body and mind and aspire to cultivate their minds, are welcome to register for the retreat.

b) 主办单位有权拒绝任何不完整或是不正确信息的申请表格。The organiser reserves the right to reject any application if the information provided in the application form is incomplete or found to be untrue.

c) 由于名额有限,主办单位将接受先到先得并优先考虑可以全程参与的申请者。Due to limited capacity, applicants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis with preference given to full-time yogi. 

d) 被录取者将在截止日期后的三周内收到电邮或简讯通知。All successful applicants for the retreat will be notified within 3 weeks after the closing of the application by Email/SMS.

e) 已录取者若不能出席,请尽早通知主办单位,以便把您的名额让给等候名单上的申请者。Please inform us ASAP should you need to withdraw your participation due to any unforeseen circumstance. This will enable others on the waiting list to take over your place.

膳食 Meals

每天仅提供素食早、午两餐。Strictly vegetarian and 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) to be served every day. 

禅修期间,所有学员必须持守八戒 (过午不食) 。如有特殊情况,请在表格上注明 (E部分)。For the purification of sila (precepts) so as to reap maximum benefits in the meditation practice, all yogis are required to abide by the 8 precepts (including no meals after noon.). Applicants who are unable to observe the 8 precepts are required to declare their reasons on the application form (Section E).


 Retreat Fee 营费

全免 Free of Charge

营费是全免的。我们将非常感谢您的布施以支付部分的费用。请见布施表格。 Retreat is conducted at no charge.  However, we appreciate any dana/ donation to help defray part of the cost of running the retreat. Rejoice!

善戒法师 Sayalay Susila

善戒法师在1963年生于马来西亚的彭亨州,28岁在槟城的马来西亚佛教中心 (MBMC) 出家为南传佛教尼师。出家后六个月,法师远赴缅甸,在班迪达禅师 (Venerable U Pandita Sayadaw) 的门下密集修禅约三年。1994年,为了学习止观,法师前往帕奥禅林 (Pa Auk Forest Monastery) 修行超过十年,也跟帕奥禅师 (Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw) 学习阿毗达摩,经藏和巴利文。同时,法师也是禅师在缅甸和国外的中英译者。

在缅甸期间,法师也向多位禅师 (Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw, Mogok Sayadaw, Sayagyi U Ba Khin S.N.Goenka) 学习各种禅修法门。法师无疑是一位教术精湛的禅修导师,能以又简单又直接的方式来传授佛陀微妙、深邃的教法。法师的足迹遍布美国、加拿大、澳洲、台湾、拉脱维亚、印尼、新加坡和马来西亚,以开示法要和指导禅修为主。

Visit Sayalay's website for biography, Dharma teachings and teaching schedule.


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