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2013 行脚 / Tudong 2013

26/12/2013 – 04/01/2014
领导比丘 Tour is guided and led by
永觉比丘 Ajahn Cagino

详情 | Details

行程 Itinerary

每天徒步不少于 五到七小时、须攀山涉水、 住宿山洞或村庄、参访森林道场及于山顶禅修等。
During this tudong, participants have to hike about 5-7 hours daily. Be prepared to cross rivers/streams, trek over a few thousand feets and steep mountain slopes. Experience staying in caves, villages and forest monasteries. Opportunity to practise meditation at one of the mountain peaks.

General Information

地 点 Destination: 
Forests in  Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

日期 Date : 
26/12/2013 – 04/01/2014

参加资格 Eligibility 
参加者须身心健壮、 体能甚佳。
Participant should be physical fit, and healthy in mind and body.


报名方法 Application:

a) 在此网页填写表格:报名表格
You may fill out application form and submit online.

b) 或将表格邮寄至 Or mail completed form to:
Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
24 Lor 29 Geylang #04-00
Leow Sih Association Building
Singapore 388073

请注明主题 Please state subject: “Tudong 2013”

被录取者将另行通知。All successful applicants for the trip would be notified.

录取名额 / Quota: 20

费用/ Trip Fee:  SGD 120 /RM300
• 仅包括湄宏顺路陆交通费、参访寺院的布施及住宿。
       Fee includes land transport at Mae Hong Son, offering Dana to visiting monasteries, and accommodation.

• 不包括:新加坡(吉隆坡)/清迈/湄宏顺来回机票及旅游保险.

      Fee does NOT include: Flight tickets (international and domestic) and Group travel insurance.

• 须自行购买机票及旅游保险 。
Please purchase your own flight tickets and travel insurance.

截止日期 / Closing date for registration: 

询问处/ Enquiry: 

• 电邮 Email:

Please call within 7pm - 10pm:
• 新加坡Singapore: 玉云 Sis Yu Yun: (65) 9639 0867
• 马来西亚Malaysia: 金桃 Sis Kim Toh: (60) 12-623 6786

备注 / Remarks:
a)   参加者必须全程参与。
       Applicants must be able to follow the full trip.

b)   名额有限, 请尽早报名。
        Limited vacancies, please register early to avoid disappointment.

c)   学员需各自携带睡袋 /  卧具、盥洗用品、毛巾(静坐备用)、足够的衣物。
       Please bring your own sleeping bag, tent, toiletries, thermal wear and meditation towel.

d)   日期或行程如有更改将另行通知。
       We will notify you in case of any modification to date and itinerary.

联合主办单位 Co-organisers
法山基金会 Dhammagiri Foundation
护法苑 Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha


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